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從瓶中精靈到孫悟空 (下)

圖片: 月與花猴, 2015, 沐冉(Muran)

如果給你力量,和一個大的不可思議的封號,可是要被關在瓶子裡,或壓在山腳下,不知何年何月方有可能出來,會願意嗎? Continue reading “從瓶中精靈到孫悟空 (下)”

A short review of Journey To The West

Cover image: 水島爾保布《繪本西遊記》(1950’s)

They say it’s a journey of atonement. Is it? Long before the tedious bodyguard job, stranded under the mountains for five hundred years with only iron food and copper drink, Wukong seemed to have paid bitterly for his growing presumption.
Continue reading “A short review of Journey To The West”

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