Photo credit: David Alan Harvey

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist; that is all,” Oscar Wilde once said. Loving to be dramatic, he felt the world disappointing.

Oh, playwright, you shouldn’t be so sad. Since the birth of the universe, the first stage we have ever had, the world was ready to act.

New plays have been revealed from time to time: stars parade every night; animals dance sacred rituals to mate; flowers bloom and die. Sensing the existence of invisible laws, our ancestors held fierce rites to fight. Later, some of them, putting on gold-sewed robes and jeweled crowns, performed ceremonies in grand temples to be messengers of the gods, giving performing art a new light.

As time went by, and noble ceremonies pervaded life in the name of civil etiquette, the scale of acting became unprecedented. The modern politics aims at designing life to be a global endless show. To see it more clearly, we need to raise our spirit as high as possible while playing mere, humble roles, and that is now our task of living.