The Siesta/Afternoon nap, Vincent, Van Gogh, 1980

Proclaiming his knowledge of exhausted contentment, Van Gogh once painted two peasants taking a nap among the abundant piles of haystacks in a wheat field. Due to several reasons, I envy the situation of these two sleepers. The artist conveyed the bounty of the season with the color of honey yellow, a symbolic color in his style. Likewise, he summoned serenity with purple blue, the other dominant color in this work.

Yet is there anything else? What made the two characters, along with thousands of years of their same kind, sleep so soundly under the sky? What kept the long line of humans working so diligently on the fields without looking back to the pre-agricultural era?

The secret of millennia lies simply in the good smell of dried hay.

Don’t you believe it? Sh! Keep your voice low; someone is in their dreams.