Born in a working-class family, I was told since my youth that we had to study hard and receive diplomas from good schools to find office jobs instead of production-line ones. As for what kind of office jobs? No one bothered to illustrate.Feeling lost among the clamor of the world, the blind me often buried herself in reading.

“Through reading, one can enrich oneself so as to find a place in the world.” So I believed.

However, to see other’s points of view is one thing, to go and live under one’s own is another, I have gradually realized. It is not that my parents were unwilling to say more about the world, but that they could not. Being neither educated observers nor innovative dreamers, all they could do is to convey their philosophy of going with the tide to me, an idea still prevailing now, an idea so different from mine.

Luckily or not, I am very different from my parents. And what should I do with that?