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翻譯習作 Byron (No More a Roving)

Photo: Sumanley Xulx, 2018, CC0

So We’ll Go No More a Roving


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翻譯習作 Robert Frost (Snowy)

Photo: CC0

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
by Robert Frost

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翻譯習作 Shelley (Indian)

Portrait of Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1819, by Amelia Curran 

The Indian Serenade

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翻譯習作 Adrienne Rich

Photo credit: Saxifraga foundation; Blue-eyed grass

Translated from her Twenty One Love Poems.

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翻譯習作 Only Six Books: 珍奈和她的“快樂”(3/3)

Photo credit: Silvian Coconeanu, 2016

在我十六歲時,母親想永遠逐我出家門,因為我打破了一項鐵律,那比書的禁令還重大的。 Continue reading “翻譯習作 Only Six Books: 珍奈和她的“快樂”(3/3)”

翻譯習作 Only Six Books: 珍奈和她的“快樂”(2/3)

Image source: Josefa de Obidos, The Sacrifical Lamb, 1670s

Inspired by Zurbarán’s “Agnus Dei” series
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翻譯習作 Only Six Books: 珍奈和她的“快樂”(1/3)

Image: Pilgrim bottle, AD 1241-42, The British Museum

當時家裡一共就六本書。一本聖經,兩本關於聖經的書。 Continue reading “翻譯習作 Only Six Books: 珍奈和她的“快樂”(1/3)”

I resonate with Jeanette

Image source: 張大千, 1977, 雅歌·香草嘉果良木冊


“The produce of the garden is pomegranates; with all the best fruits, henna and spikenard.” –Song of songs 4:13

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Type Chinese characters right away

There’s at least one way to do it, and it’s quite easy. Continue reading “Type Chinese characters right away”

Smart no more

Photo source: Marsel van Oosten

We don’t know when smartness, overawing us, became the only personal trait that we are aware of. Instead of being unique, everyone tries to dress smartly, talk smartly and text smartly with a sleek smartphone.  Continue reading “Smart no more”


Image: Andromeda, 1980, Yaacov Agam

“I want to be what I am.” This was what I often said to myself in youth due to ignorance. Kind of stubborn, the little girl was quite determined to develop her own interests and personality. Continue reading “Namely”


Photo image from

紅樓夢中的史湘雲,其結局眾說紛云,且看獨具隻眼的張愛玲在〈四詳〉中怎麼說。 Continue reading “張愛玲的四詳紅樓夢”


圖源:《戴敦邦新繪全本紅樓夢》/ 上海古籍出版社

張愛玲的《紅樓夢魘》不好讀,她也很自知。那好幾詳的版本比較說是雜亂無章也不為過。 Continue reading “張愛玲的三詳紅樓夢”


圖片: 敦煌莫高窟 158 (Dunhuang Mogao Caves 158)

在引《大般涅槃經》裡的這段如來性品論之前,先聲明:別誤會啊,我是半點不懂佛性的。孫悟空對如來老兒的了解遠比我多多了。 Continue reading “善男子如來與大象”

從瓶中精靈到孫悟空 (下)

圖片: 月與花猴, 2015, 沐冉(Muran)

如果給你力量,和一個大的不可思議的封號,可是要被關在瓶子裡,或壓在山腳下,不知何年何月方有可能出來,會願意嗎? Continue reading “從瓶中精靈到孫悟空 (下)”

A short review of Journey To The West

Cover image: 水島爾保布《繪本西遊記》(1950’s)

They say it’s a journey of atonement. Is it? Long before the tedious bodyguard job, stranded under the mountains for five hundred years with only iron food and copper drink, Wukong seemed to have paid bitterly for his growing presumption.
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從瓶中精靈到孫悟空 (上)

圖片:動畫《大鬧天宮》, 上海美術電影製片廠, 1961-1964

不知道是不是受瓶中精靈所啟發,Jeanette Winterson 曾寫了個關於赫丘力士的故事。

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Question of completion

Image: 石濤《黃山八勝圖》之一

Sometimes we see blank spaces in traditional paintings of landscapes. Those spaces, although seeming to be inactive and unrealistic, look rather natural and harmonic in the whole; they were left to encourage the audience’s imagination. Continue reading “Question of completion”

About the pigs

Image source: 康殷《古篆文部首》

Is it true that the word relating the idea of a pig is and will always just be 猪(zhu1) in Chinese? Probably not. Continue reading “About the pigs”

The typhoons


With rare exception, summer is the season of typhoons formed by tropical cyclones on the western Pacific Ocean. And from there typhoons come one by one. Continue reading “The typhoons”

The magic hour

We are in July now. The sun has been setting later and later since early spring. And you thought that before the real dark falls, the daylight dwindles by the hour. Continue reading “The magic hour”

On stage

Photo credit: David Alan Harvey

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist; that is all,” Oscar Wilde once said. Loving to be dramatic, he felt the world disappointing.

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The rise of punctuation

Photo: 書集囍室, 鹿港

Does “the rise of punctuation” sound like a sad topic? Let’s try. Continue reading “The rise of punctuation”

The sad Minky

Minky the monkey felt sad tonight; he had lost his precious tree house, which he had decorated with various kinds of seed shells and red leaves. Continue reading “The sad Minky”

Good sleep

The Siesta/Afternoon nap, Vincent, Van Gogh, 1980

Proclaiming his knowledge of exhausted contentment, Van Gogh once painted two peasants taking a nap among the abundant piles of haystacks in a wheat field. Continue reading “Good sleep”

Sharpen the tools (Mandarin)

Image source: Ghost In The Shell, 1995

Doing Mandarin-English exchange online for quite a while, I’ve made some friends and collected some useful online resources. Here are what I want to share with those who are also on the path of learning foreign languages: Continue reading “Sharpen the tools (Mandarin)”

To find a place

Born in a working-class family, I was told since my youth that we had to study hard and receive diplomas from good schools to find office jobs instead of production-line ones. As for what kind of office jobs? No one bothered to illustrate. Continue reading “To find a place”

我想寫 …




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